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Data tracking is coming to Figma!

Define your tracking, send it to Jira and monitor implementation,

all without ever leaving Figma!

All of your events at a glance

Make sure you never miss an important interaction, by labelling events directly on your canvas.

✓  Quick

✓  Clear overview

✓  Easy to collaborate

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Crystal Clear Tracking Plans

All the information your developer needs, in just a few clicks. Ready for you to monitor in real-time.

✓  Editable

✓  Transparent

✓  Comprehensive


Automated Jira Tickets

Export your tracking plan directly to Jira, in just a few seconds! Updates sync with your Figma tracking plan!

✓  Quick

✓  Automated

✓  Real-Time Updates

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A word from our users

Chris Hahn

Co-founder @ Purpose, former Growth Product Manager @ Enpal

"An absolute game-changer when it comes to the quality and depth of the tracking I can set up without complicated workarounds. I'm sure we'll never miss tracking a valuable event again."


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Qualas was born out of a simple observation: data tracking is messy and outdated. Our vision is to make data tracking as frictionless as possible so that companies can focus less on handling errors, and more and making successful decisions on accurate data. It's a promise that we hold true in our name, which stands for Quality Assurance.


We spent months talking to dozens of professionals and the most consistent finding was also the most straightforward: when tracking goes bad, it's often at the root! We have much more we aim to accomplish in the analytics space, but we believe that a design-driven tracking tool is the most pressing problem we can tackle today.


We're not the first to attempt to tackle this issue. However, Figma's own API did not allow for the functionality needed by a plugin like ours until very recently. As the API itself grows, we will continue to improve our build and tackle bigger and bigger challenges. We are excited for the future and glad to have you alongside. Stay tuned!

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Get our plugin for free! Ready for you and your team to collaborate and simplify your data tracking process, today!


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