Jira Setup

Hi there! This page is meant to help you with connecting Jira to our Figma integration. You'll need to: first, add your Jira URL, second, add your Jira workspace email and, third, add a Jira API Token. We've explained all of these steps in this short step by step guide below!


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1. Add Jira URL

Step 1/2 - Log In to your Atlassian Account

To retrieve your Jira workspace URL, you first have to sign in to your Atlassian here using your organization's credentials.

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Step 2/2 - Copy the Jira URL

Once logged in to your Jira account, open the project that you would like to connect to Figma. Then, go to the URL bar and copy the URL up to ".net/" and discard everything that follows. This should leave you with something similar to "https://company.atlassian.net/"

2. Add your Jira Workspace Email

Step 1/1 - Retrieve your email from the profile page

Finding the email that you used for Jira account is quite simple. You just need to navigate to the bottom of the 'Profile and visibility' section of your Jira account, which you can find at this link. Alternatively, once logged into Jira, click your icon in the upper right corner and choose 'Profile', and copy your email under 'contact'.

3. Add your Jira API Token

Step 1/4 - Login to your Jira Account

You can generate an API token under "Manage Profile > Security > API tokens", which will take you to this link. If you click directly on the link, you may be prompted to log in, if you weren't already logged in your browser.

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Step 2/4 - Access the API Token Menu

After logging into your account, the API Token page of your Jira workspace will open. Here you will be able to see all currently generated API tokens. 

Go ahead and click the 'create API token' button.

Step 3/4 - Give it a Suggestive Name

You will then be asked to create a suggestive name for your API key, so you can recall it later. In our case, you may name it something like 'Qualas Integration'.

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Step 4/4 - Copy your new API Token

At last, a brand new API token will appear after having entered a label name for the API token. Make sure you copy the API token to your clipboard and enter it into the Jira Setup window in Figma. 

That's it, you can now begin sending your events to Jira!